How are Ultrasonic Devices used for Cleaning?

Ultrasound or high-frequency waves are not used just in the medical field or in beauty parlours. Their usage is not limited only to facials or diagnosing diseases or confirming pregnancy. In fact, with the advancement of technology, they are being used in many other places and most notably, in cleaning.

Yes, you heard that right.

Ultrasonic cleaners make use of ultrasound waves to clean your devices and objects, and remove dirt that would otherwise have taken ages to clean. Hilsonic ultrasonic cleaners are highly efficient in removing stubborn particles and achieving a high level of perfection.

Understanding the Basic Principles

Ultrasonic cleaners generally come in the form of liquid cleaning, in which the object to be cleaned is immersed into a cleaning solution that is then filled with high-frequency sound waves.

These sound waves are not audible to the human ear, but they are highly effective in causing vibrations that act as a scrub to remove all the contaminants from the object and make it as clean as new.

This process occurs when electrical energy is converted by a transducer into high-frequency sound waves which is also known as ultrasonic energy. The transducer is the main part that drives the cleaning energy of an ultrasonic cleaner.

Cleaning Effectively With Ultrasonic Devices

How effective the ultrasonic energy produced is will depend on the working of the transducer in converting the electrical energy. The cleaning time and final result will also be affected by the quality of the transducer. For example, if it requires more energy to clean, then the time as well as power consumption of the ultrasonic cleaner will be more.

The detergent you use as the cleaning liquid also plays a factor.

  • When the sound waves enter the cleaning liquid, there will be the formation and collapse of minute bubbles.
  • These bubbles will rise to the surface, carrying with them the dirt, dust and other contaminations.
  • It is the tiny pressure wave released during this process that helps pull out the dirt from the object in such a way that not even the non-accessible parts of the object are cleaned.
  • This type of technique helps in the cleaning of even the most intricate parts of an object. Hinges and box joints can also be effectively cleaned by this technique.

Whether you want to clean dust, oil, grease, soil, blood, wax, polishing compounds or stains- ultrasonic cleaning will help you. Its overall flexibility and eco-friendly nature have made it a popular cleaning solution worldwide.

Other factors such as temperature and frequency also influence the cleaning action. You need to understand which type of contaminant you want to remove and choose a cleaning agent for your liquid accordingly.

There is no device that cannot be cleaned by this technique. Whether you are cleaning a rusty gun, firearms, medical equipment, jewellery or boxes – this technique is perfect. It will clean in the desired object in a manner that will not affect the functionality of the object in question at all. So do not be scared to invest in an ultrasonic cleaner!